Happy Birthday AWS

Happy Birthday, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Monday March 14 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the spirit of celebration, the Softchoice AWS Practice present 10 of our favorite things about AWS.

10) Secure Simple Storage (S3), the service that started it all on March 14 2006. Build this storage into your application and AWS will look after replication so you never lose an object.

9) The Sharing Economy and Digital Economy. Leading global digital platforms run on AWS because AWS gives instant global reach and practically infinite scalability. Think airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Slack, Shazam…

8) Falling Prices. AWS have dropped prices at least 51 times, and when they lower a price, you get the benefit right away. No negotiation. No asking for your discount.

7) AWS Lambda. Let your business process trigger code execution and pay by the millisecond without managing a server at all. Very cool.

6) The Ecosystem. Whether you need to add on deep security or log management or your favorite SaaS product, the best-in-class solutions fit right in with AWS.

5) Fair Rules. Pay for what you use at the price that is on the website. Have a change of heart? No problem: go ahead and make the change.

4) Autoscaling. Automatically scale your AWS infrastructure up or down to maintain customer experience while you do something better with your time.

3) Relational Database Service (RDS). Use a managed database service from AWS and get single-click high-availability and / or encryption without ever patching again.

2) Extensive API. The ultimate geek power trip: control everything in your AWS cloud with a script (or two).

1) New features. With more than 700 new features added last year, AWS continues to redefine how we think about IT.

What do you like best about AWS? Leave a comment below.

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