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Transform the way you do business and work with customers. Adobe EchoSign is a complete, automated e-signature and web contracting solution that lets you instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely – so you can concentrate on running your business, not chasing paperwork.

Get contracts sent, signed, and filed instantly with Adobe EchoSign.
  • Send contracts for signature as easily as sending an email
  • Get signatures from others in record time – recipients can e-sign or fax back in moments with nothing to install or download
  • Monitor the status and progress of your documents in real time with alerts and email notifications
  • Never lose another contract with automatic filing
  • Work with confidence, knowing that e-signatures are legal and that your documents and data are stored securely
  • Integrate e-signing into your business systems, including leading cloud-based automation tools like and NetSuite
EchoSign delivers the following benefits:
  • Ease of use: EchoSign makes it easy for you to get a signature. Email the document you need signed through the EchoSign webmail-like interface. And pick what type of signature you want — electronic or fax. That’s it. There’s nothing to download or learn.
  • Business processes and reporting: EchoSign’s transparent workflow delivers frictionless automation for both fax and e-signing paradigms so an organization can continue to conduct business with minimal disruption. In addition, EchoSign delivers enterprise-wide contract status visibility with a reporting dashboard to measure performance at a glance, and custom reporting and analysis to measure the status of your agreements over time.
  • ROI: Proven EchoSign benefits include reducing close cycles by 50-500% (literally, from weeks to hours or days) and reducing post sale internal contract processing costs by 50-75%. For additional ROI examples, see customer benefits in the sidebar on the previous page.
  • Customer experience: EchoSign improves the customer signing experience with ease of use and convenience. Your customers do not need an EchoSign account to sign a contract, and they can sign contracts remotely with a Blackberry, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Software integration: Use Echosign from within Acrobat XI and Reader XI to sign a PDF in seconds. You can also manage and store signed files more efficiently by accessing EchoSign right from Acrobat XI. Upload your signed document or get others to sign documents.
  • Systems integration: The EchoSign API is commonly used to integrate contract signature events with finance, database and CRM applications. EchoSign offers integration to applications such as, NetSuite, SugarCRM, SAP CLM, Selectica, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.
  • Security: EchoSign is completely secure, using both email and password authentication. All documents sent through EchoSign are encrypted with full 256-bit SSL security, and all account data is encrypted with RSA keys. EchoSign captures every transaction in the contract signature process and records a comprehensive and detailed audit trail in PDF format. In addition, all contracts are automatically converted to PDF format just prior to being sent for signature, eliminating any last minute unapproved revisions.
  • Fast implementation: As a software as a service (SAAS) application, EchoSign is implemented in minutes and requires no IT resources for implementation or maintenance. There is no requirement for end user or customers to install a plug-in or download a software client.
  • Business continuity: Pick the vendor you know will be there whenever you need backup to enforce a contract. Adobe has a 20 plus year history in digital documents. Today more than 95% of all documents are signed by or in Adobe products (EchoSign, LiveCycle®, Acrobat and Reader). Adobe has been creating and innovating compliant solutions, and EchoSign has been delivering a proven E-SIGN compliant solution for over six years. Adobe EchoSign – legal, tested, trusted and here to stay.

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