Online Video Presentations… Anytime, Anywhere

Brainshark provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations. With Brainshark, you can easily transform static content, such as PowerPoint® documents, into voice-enriched video presentations that can be accessed anytime, on-demand. You also have access to extensive viewing details, arming you with the analytics to measure the effectiveness and reach of your content, so you can follow up accordingly.

Who uses brainshark?

Thousands of companies – including a third of the Fortune 100 – and hundreds of thousands of individuals rely on Brainshark to increase the impact and reduce the cost of their sales, marketing, training and HR communications.

  • Sales and marketing professionals use Brainshark to produce engaging content to generate more leads, communicate important information to prospects and customers, and gauge audience interest.
  • Trainers and HR professionals use Brainshark to share knowledge, deliver interactive eLearning content and measure student retention and participation.
  • Anyone – executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, product managers, sales reps, channel managers – can use Brainshark to quickly get their message in front of their most important audiences in a compelling way and to know if, when, how and where it’s being consumed.

Brainshark is not just the leading online and mobile video presentation software tool… it’s an indispensable business communication solution.

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