Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions. We enable organizations of any size to meet the challenges they face in empowering their people and maximizing the productivity of their human capital. With millions of users across hundreds of countries and dozens of languages, Cornerstone is helping organizations get the greatest return on their human capital investment.

It’s not just about automating HR processes – it’s about creating better employees and better managers to help grow your business. Cornerstone understands that a “one-size-fits-all” mentality to talent management simply doesn’t work, which is why we have a solution suited to your business requirements and workforce.

With Cornerstone Small Business (CSB), you’ll get a dynamic way of setting and monitoring goals, recognizing performance, planning careers and developing employees. Performance management becomes an ongoing conversation, not a periodic process.

  • Manage goals and discuss performance throughout the year, making reviews part of everyday working life
  • Combine traditional manager-level feedback with self-assessments and 360° multi-rater feedback
  • Create detailed career development plans with action points for the next round of reviews, and update on the fly
  • Get up to the minute visual feedback on performance trends, and expert advice on developing your team’s weaknesses and leveraging skills

For organizations with more than 500 employees, Cornerstone has an integrated talent management solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle from selection to succession. This integrated approach enables organizations to source top talent, develop and engage employees, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders and fully manage internal talent management with external networks of customers, vendors and distributors.

Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud for social recruiting, sourcing, onboarding, and planning of talent

Cornerstone Learning Cloud for training, development and certification of employee skills and expertise

Cornerstone Performance Cloud for managing the performance, succession and compensation of your workforce

Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud for managing and training your extended network of customers and partners

No matter which Cornerstone solution is right for your organization, you will get a 100% cloud enabled solution that lowers your cost of ownership by minimizing the investment often associated with traditional software solutions, all while providing increased flexibility, reliability and scalability for your business

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