Built for business

Unlike consumer-class file sharing solutions, Egnyte is built from the ground up for businesses. Egnyte’s unique hybrid technology combines the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Users can easily store, share, access and backup their files, while IT retains central administration and control to enforce business policies. Egnyte has been successfully deployed at thousands of companies ranging from small businesses to enterprises. Over 1 Billion files have been shared by businesses using Egnyte.

Simple – Any file, Anywhere, Any device

With Egnyte HybridCloud, files of any size and type can be accessed, stored and shared from any location. Egnyte’s simple accessibility approach lets users access files from any web browser, mobile device, mapped drive, desktop sync or FTP client.

Scalable – From small office to enterprise

Egnyte’s hybrid cloud technology scales with growing business needs. Egnyte HybridCloud is deployable on any desktop or on-premise storage to provide scalable file sync, fast offline access, and large file transfer. Egnyte also integrates with a wide range of productivity platforms such as Google docs, Microsoft Outlook,, and Quickoffice.

Secure – Central visibility and control

With a foundation built to around IT needs, Egnyte provides enterprise-class control, security and visibility under one central administration. Administrators have the ability to control and monitor user permission and file/storage usage. Users are authenticated to gain file access using Egnyte’s authentication system or through AD/LDAP integration. Egnyte’s multi-layer data security and encryption also ensures that business files are secure, even under the most stringent of guidelines.

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