Enterprise-Class Social Media Management and Engagement.

Over 5 million users and many thousands of businesses worldwide use HootSuite to manage and control their social media interactions. HootSuite makes social media easy for users with the security features that IT demands.

HootSuite customers securely manage multiple social networks from both desktop and mobile including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more in order to:

  • monitor relevant content on social channels
  • engage with customers and stakeholders via social media
  • centrally control access to social media assets
  • create workflows for social media interactions throughout the organization using task assignments, real-time conversations, and integrations with 3rd party applications

Measurable ROI for Business

HootSuite Enterprise enables your business to be social. A simple user interface combined with IT-friendly features make HootSuite the world-leading social media solution for the enterprise.

Lower costs and achieve higher customer satisfaction:

Deliver customer service via social networks to reduce costs and increase satisfaction. The real-time nature of social media engagement results in higher customer satisfaction rates, and the elimination of potential public relations crises.

Quick crisis response:

Many service organizations use HootSuite to communicate with their customers and users during crises such as natural disasters, service outages, and other scenarios when there’s an immediate need to communicate information to your audience.

Simple social media monitoring and easy customer engagement:

HootSuite provides marketing managers with a robust set of tools to easily manage multiple social network accounts, to publish content across multiple accounts, to understand what customers and users are saying about products and brands, and to measure the impact of social media communications.

Efficient communication across the organization:

HootSuite’s system of engagement ensures that the right employees receive the right information at the right time, eliminating the need to communicate social media tasks via email or phone, and ensuring the quickest response time for social media engagements.

Managed enterprise-class social media:

HootSuite enables IT managers or marketing managers to centrally control access to corporate social media assets. Permissions can be set up at user or team level in order to prevent unauthorized access and unapproved posting to corporate social media accounts. Numerous security controls prevent the risk of the wrong message being posted by the wrong person, potentially putting the organization at legal or PR risk.

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