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What is a social business?

The ways individuals and communities interact, form relationships, make decisions, accomplish work, and purchase goods are changing the way business is done. A social business embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community—internally and externally—delivering unprecedented return for the time invested.

A social business recognizes that people do business with people and optimizes how people interact to accomplish organizational goals:

  • Deeply connecting individuals in productive, efficient ways
  • Providing line of sight across traditional boundaries and better aligning actions to needs
  • Speeding up business with insight to anticipate and address evolving opportunities

Becoming a social business requires a long-term, strategic approach to business culture, executive leadership, an effective corporate strategy, and organizational ability to recognize and design for transformation.

Organizations that successfully transform into social businesses are enabled by an optimized workforce, intelligent sales, strengthened operational controls, increased product and service innovation, and deepened customer care and insight.

What can you do?

The IBM Solution
IBM has integrated the essential tools for social business in the cloud: enterprise-grade file sharing, communities, instant messaging, web meetings, user profiles, mail, and calendar. Our solution is designed to let you work seamlessly with people inside and outside of your organization. You can meet online, share files, chat, manage projects, network with potential clients, schedule meetings, and send and receive mail anywhere, anytime. Whether you work remotely, manage remote teams, or need one place to bring colleagues, partners, and vendors together, our offerings help you transform your business into a social business.

Email & Calendar
A security-rich solution providing full messaging capabilities for web, desktop, and mobile.

Collaboration & Instant Messaging
The social business tools you need to work with colleagues, customers, and partners, including file sharing, instant messaging, and communities.

Web Meetings & Events
An online meeting space for sharing presentations, documents, and desktops across web and mobile devices, both inside and outside your company.

IBM Docs™ is currently in Beta and is expected to be available as a service on IBM SmartCloud for Social Business in 2012. IBM Docs provides web-based editors for creating, sharing and collaboratively authoring word processor, spreadsheet and presentation documents.

Mobile Applications
Stay connected while on the go – on Android™, Apple®, and Blackberry® devices.

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