IBM Unica

Unica – a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions is now part of the new Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) group at IBM.

Together, IBM and Unica deliver solutions and services that enable marketing success—offering CMOs and other marketers an even more compelling value proposition, which will undoubtedly be the strongest in the industry. Through Unica, IBM provides enterprise software and cloud-based marketing solutions that help businesses streamline and automate the entire marketing process to create a consistent cross-channel brand experience and in turn, promote customer loyalty and satisfaction.

More than 1,500 organizations worldwide depend on Unica for their marketing management solutions. Unica’s advanced set of enterprise marketing management and cloud-based marketing solutions integrate and streamline all aspects of online and offline marketing. Unica’s unique interactive marketing approach incorporates customer analytics and web analytics, centralized decisioning, cross-channel execution, and integrated marketing operations.

  • IBM Campaign
  • IBM eMessage
  • IBM Interact
  • IBM Leads
  • IBM Marketing Operations

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