Instantly harness the power of the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud

Geminare’s myVault Email Archive, powered by Microsoft Windows Azure, is a ground breaking, instant-on data and email archiving solution that offers feature-rich archiving and backup capabilities, delivered entirely from the Cloud. With no hardware or software requirements, myVault archiving can turn on in minutes, giving users the ability to locate and restore archived emails instantly and securely from their desktop, handheld device or browser.

With a completely self-managed portal you can archive, locate and restore emails without the need for administrator intervention.

Advanced features include security and auditing capabilities for data storage, search and retrieval in seconds directly from the Windows Azure Cloud to the desktop, a hosted, secure web portal and no onsite IT involvement or hardware requirements.

With fast and easy access to stored data and emails, myVault Email Archive provides companies with a unique audit trail for each individual email, ensuring complete compliance and data integrity.

myVault Email Archive is ideal for those seeking auditable archiving capabilities without having to invest in costly new infrastructure, staff or software. Register through an instant signup web portal, and begin archiving your email securely within minutes.

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