Sonian, the pioneer in cloud-powered archiving and search offers it’s archiving solutions at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other approaches. With over 11,000 customers across diverse industries and embedded into offerings from other cloud innovators – Sonian is the future of archive and search in the cloud.

As the volume of email has continued to grow 500% over the last 10 years, it creates storage and operational challenges for organizations across all industries. With Sonian’s cloud-powered information archiving platform, you can enable your organization to address these operational needs and solve this storage management problem.

simple, powerful, cost effective

Sonian provides the only archiving offerings in the market built from the ground up using cloud-computing technologies. Due to its advanced infrastructure, the Sonian Archive can be deployed in minutes, and requires no hardware or software for installation. With Sonian’s advanced eDiscovery feature set, users can guarantee full-text indexing, legal hold, added tags, and more.

By archiving in the cloud, you can store an unlimited amount of user information and infinitely scale your archive as needed. When using the Sonian Archive, all data is secure in transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption. Backed by Amazon’s data centers, Sonian offers 11 9’s of resiliency, ensuring security for every archived piece of data.

Sonian requires no upfront investment due to its flat fee rate for customers. By using Sonian’s per user per month pricing model also allows you to easily plan your IT budget. Archiving in the cloud also allows users to reduce IT costs overall because there is no hardware or software needed to store data.

key features:

Platform-agnostic – Sonian is compatible with all major email systems – MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, iNotes, GroupWise, Gmail, etc.

Retention policies – Customized policies are included in the Sonian service to ensure no lost data or deleted information from the archive.

Search – Using advanced search capabilities, you can retrieve any communications using filters, advanced Boolean, fuzzy logic, etc.

Single repository – Users can perform co-mingled searches across all content, ensuring maximum performance and data visibility to the end user.

Compliance eDiscovery – You can streamline eDiscovery by using Sonian’s compliance features: FRCP, FINRA, HIPAA, SEC, etc. solutions.

End-user access – This feature allows employees to access their personal archive – very intuitive interface so you can quickly and accurately retrieve an email or attachment.

Reporting – Users can build reports based on archive activity – you can filter by date, user, mailbox, etc.

Import/export – Using Sonian’s import wizard, you can import legacy data. You can also export selected (or all) data to .pst, .nsf, .eml, .html, .pdf, or other formats.

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