Limited resources? No problem. Turn your security on for less

Did you know you can save time and money today by getting Security-as-a-Service (cloud)?
Don’t expose your organization’s security to threats by using low-end appliances that claim to protect your network. Websense® SaaS solutions, powered by the world’s most advanced threat-seeking technology, offer the following advantages:

  • Improve network and cost efficiency
  • Mitigate risk and exposure with demonstrated ROI
  • Reduce complexity with no on-site equipment required
  • Enforce acceptable use policies and prevent data loss
  • Consolidate your security through a single trusted vendor

Websense Cloud Web Security and Cloud Email Security solutions keep your organization safe without the headaches of on-premise deployment, maintenance and upgrades at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). These solutions will soon include Websense Cloud DLP™ technology which will allow organizations to store data in the cloud as securely as data on their network. Websense is the only content security provider who protects data stored and shared in the cloud with these revolutionary new safeguards:

  • Individual and user-group categories and reporting give you clear visibility into who sends and saves what types of application data, and where it’s used inside and outside the organization
  • By fingerprinting data in the cloud, Cloud DLP capability can enforce policies on data storage, usage and communication

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