Enabling business for mobility, cloud applications and social media

The world of IT security is undergoing a transformation driven by the consumerization of the enterprise through mobile devices, cloud applications and social media. While traditional security appliances focus on limiting the impact of these trends, Zscaler is enabling businesses to embrace innovation securely, while delivering a superior user experience.

Web Security: protect users from advanced and emerging threats including botnets, malware, phishing attacks and more, and securely enable cloud applications and social media.

Direct to Net: secure your branch offices and road warriors without backhauling traffic to a central gateway, and deliver a transparent, latency-free experience to users.

Mobile Security: go beyond mobile device management and enable BYOD with Mobile Security that offers comprehensive protection for smartphones and tablets, with no software to install or update.

Email Security: inspect the full content of every email to protect users from viruses and spyware, phishing attacks and more, with no hardware or software required.

With Zscaler, you get a single solution with the industry’s most advanced web, mobile and email security, with no hardware or software required. And with Zscaler’s Direct to Net solution, you can secure branch offices and road warriors without backhauling traffic to a central location, saving you millions of dollars.

Unlike competitor appliances that are static and sit at the server or corporate network, Zscaler enables businesses for mobility, cloud applications and social media. With over 100 datacenters worldwide, Zscaler doesn’t require IT organizations to purchase expensive hardware and software. We are transforming the market for IT security in much the same way that SaaS applications have transformed the CRM market.

One integrated solution to securely enable mobile, social, cloud.

Zscaler’s Secure Cloud Gateway is a global checkpost in the cloud between the user and the Internet, inspecting all incoming and outgoing traffic to any device in any location. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful solution that simplifies IT and reduces costs while enabling your business for the challenges of mobility, cloud apps and social media. And with Zscaler’s global cloud infrastructure, you get unrivaled security with no latency.
No hardware. No software. No latency.

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